With 360 degree panoramic views across the Japanese Alps
The history of the Lodge stretches back to 1924

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With its prime location at the heart of the Japan Alps, Mt. Yari is at the crossroads of many of the most popular hiking routes in the area, including:- @
  • Expeditions up and down the length of the Yari-Hodaka range including the infamous gDai-kirrettoh
  • The gAlps Ginzah course from Tsubakuro-dake
  • The Tateyama trail which the Lonely Planet guide calls gthe ultimate hike in Japanh
  • Day trips to Tenguhara and out along the ridges offer some stunning views of the Northern Alps
  • Mt Yari - with something for everyone from the experienced alpinist to the novice hiker.

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Perched on the shoulder of Mt Yari some 100 metres below the peak, Yarigatake Sanso is a sizeable mountain lodge with substantial accommodation facilities as well as a Dining room, Gift shop and Cafeteria. Being the closest lodge to the summit it is ideally located for a summit ascent in time to catch the often-spectacular sunrise.
Opening period: April 27 - early Nov (the hut is closed during the winter)
Capacity: 650 people
Medical Facilities: The Tokyo Jikei University of Medicine runs a summer clinic
(open from approximately 20th July -20th August)
Direct telephone line: 090 26411911
Making a reservation: Reservations are not required, even during peak season, other than for groups of 10 people or more. There is an additional charge for private rooms.

The Story of Mt Yari

Yarigatake-The Matterhorn of Japan.
The first person to stand on the summit of the 3180m Mt Yari was the priest and mountain ascetic Banryu in the late Edo Period (19th century). This was the first recorded ascent of the peak which is now revered by climbers across the country, and it occurred in July 1828; some 37 years before Wimper became the first person to climb the Matterhorn. Then in 1880 an Englishman named Gowland reached the summit before dubbing the mountain panorama that lay before him gthe Japanese Alps.h It was this name which would later be popularised by Walter Weston, another Englishman, who first summited in 1892. Weston spread news of Mt Yari to the climbing fraternity around the world.
Although not renowned for his mountain-climbing prowess, the well-known author Ryunosuke Akutagawa has also climbed Mt Yarigatake. On the 12th August 1909 the 17 year old Akutagawa reached the top together with 3 classmates. You can read about his exploits in the mountains in works such as gDiary of my Mt Yari Ascenth and gMt Yari Journal.h More recently, celebrity visitors have included Tabei Junko (the first woman to climb Mt Everest) in 1999 and two of the TV celebrities from SMAP in 2003!

The Four Seasons at Mt Yari

@ The season begins after the official opening of the mountain huts at the end of April. Spring skiing is relatively unknown but in fact there is great downhill skiing around 3000m-1500m right through till June.
@ Snow grouse and kamoshika emerge as the last of the surviving snow gives way to rapidly-emerging green shoots. The often-favourable weather in the serene mountains makes this one of the best months for a visit.
@ Alpine vegetation bursts into life when the rainy season comes round. Baby snow grouse frolic in the pristine alpine meadows. Welcome to the delight of summer in the mountains!
@ Down on the plains the summer heat is stifling but the mountains are a heavenly escape. A summer trip to 3000m is a truly matchless experience.
@ The turning leaves of Fall move steadily down the mountains as we enter a season of beauty. White clouds drift overhead of a splendid patchwork of multi-coloured foliage. September is the best season to see the autumn colours around Yarisawa. (cjust be sure to pack some warm clothes!)
@ By the middle of the month the autumn leaves have fallen as the mountains prepare for winter. The world is wrapped in a blanket of white, until the following spring.

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